Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Don't Worry, Just Have Hope

News item

WASHINGTON - President Bush announced today that he will sign a bill providing an additional $2.8 billion for private organizations that emphasize the importance of hoping for change.

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Without Comment

Take a peek at Sunday's copy of The Tribune.

The New Albanian Brewing Company, and co-owner Roger Baylor, are featured on page 1, with a strapping young Mr. Baylor posing nonchalantly before his new brewing equipment. Kyle Lowry reports.

Staff writer Greg Gapsis regales us with the news that, at least tentatively, economists expect our river counties to outperform the state of Indiana as a whole during the coming year.

Lowry comes back below the fold with yet another business profile of Main Street veterans, the online garden site operated by locals Ann Streckfus and Stephen Brown.

Page 3A offers a photo montage of Thursday's Pillar Award winners and nominees, as selected by Develop New Albany.

And the back page of section A features a delightfully wry look at blogging by columnist Terry Cummins, who in part gazes with envy on the "in" crowd who blogs, while taking a few shots at the imperiousness of such navel-gazing.

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