Friday, October 28, 2005

Democratic Party Dinner a Triumph

It was a grand night at The Grand for America's oldest continuous political party and their Floyd County adherents. A happier bunch I've never seen as everyone involved seemed to be on the same page.

Baron Hill, our member of Congress until this year, made it very clear that he intends to reclaim that seat for the Democrats. Few House seats generate $4 million in outside funding, but the GOP elected to pour that much into the Ninth District to help take the seat away from the Democratic Party. Hill reports that, somewhat to his surprise, the Democrats aren't disillusioned by the loss, but energized, and that the party will reclaim its rightful stewardship of the Congressional office.

In his first real public exposure, county chairman Randy Stumler was appealing, even endearing, in what turned out to be a highly motivating lovefest.

With the national Republican party imploding and the local Republican party still rudderless, there is great cause for optimism as we approach the 2006 national and local county elections.

CM Donnie Blevins was his usual taciturn self, joining two groups of Hurricane Katrina evacuees at Mayor James Garner's front row table.

For the record, this observer noted not one moment of discord or dispute, even among intraparty opponents. The celebration of the legacy of FDR was the centerpiece, and the party was one in reasserting its principles. Thanks go out to Judge Joe Weber for his masterful recap of the Roosevelt philosophy.

Perhaps embarrassed to show their faces after their performance during 2005, the Gang of Four, all putative Democrats, elected to show their back ends to a party that's more than ready to leave them behind. Go ahead and make that party switch, guys. I'm sure there's nothing Franklin Delano Roosevelt can teach you. After all, "we've nothing to fear but fear itself" is a slogan completely at odds with your style of politics.

CM Jack Messer and his lovely wife were a big hit, drawing praise from all quarters for his fearless stance against the obstructionist Gang of Four during the past 12 months. County Council President Ted Heavrin exhibited an esprit de corps seldom seen and spent most of the evening with a smile on his face. And the ever gracious New Albany Township Trustee added to the spirit of the evening.

The new party central committee pulled off a great event, mixing new blood with all the active stalwarts Floyd County has come to know and love.

Great job, Randy, Marcey, Tony, Adam and all the organizing committee. You put together a stirring program that bodes well for the future of the party.

And we would be remiss if we did not give kudos to Steve and Bill Lohmeier for their inspiring rendition of Woody Guthrie's "This Land is Your Land," modified to represent the true spirit of Guthrie.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Self or Community?

The American Ideal - is it the embodiment of "rugged individualism," where the citizenry is encouraged to be self-centered, or does it institutionalize a belief that we are one people with common goals. Here's one woman's opinion.

This, I believe.

I believe that our Constitution is the most unique document in the world because it is about society; creating a more just and equal society, for all people. – Our Preamble begins with the words We, the people, not I, the individual. America’s Constitution, introduced by our most unique Preamble, was meant to bring a new order of relations among people.

I believe that we must strive to provide conditions which are beneficial for our society, and for our posterity; that is a good life – a life well lived; so that after you are gone- you will be remembered for the good that you have done.

This nation was formed to change forever the relationship of people to each other; to create true justice, equality, liberty and happiness; that a life worth living is one of giving of one’s self, for in that alone do we find true happiness

I believe that money is only a tool, and even that distinction is a given; Value, real wealth, does not flow from paper, or gold or possessions, but from economic activity. Economics is not price theories. Economics is about people; the value of human beings.

Government is not legitimate unless it truly encompasses and protects the lives of people – all the people. Government needs a well-organized, well regulated money system – but the money system must be intended to meet the requirements of society’s security; as Roosevelt’s successful Social Security system typifies this.

I believe that our Founding Principles have been perverted by those whose power is challenged by our greatest Principle – the General Welfare clause of our United States Constitution. We must rise to the challenge, as Roosevelt did, of crushing those intentions.

We will never fulfill the ideals that guided our founders hands in writing our Constitution by succumbing to greed and arrogant power. We must rise to the occasion by uplifting, inspiring, and invigorating our fellow man to act truly human toward all people. The ‘advantage of the other’ must be our guiding principle.

This, I believe: I believe that this nation and its people will return to our founding principles - to government of, by, and for the people. The world is headed for a new rendezvous with destiny, for as the immortal Schiller said, “There are limits to a tyrant’s power.” We are working for a Global New Deal for all mankind.

- Carol Smith

An FDR Day Message to the Gang of Four

"They Sow the Wind, and Reap the Whirlwind"
Hosea 8:1-14

Monday, October 24, 2005

Happy 50th Birthday, Allen

I invite all and sundry to join with my bride and me as we wish Allen Howie, founder of Idealogy, Inc., a happy birthday as he reaches the mid-century mark.

Allen and wife Lisa, their three children and dozens more friends and family celebrated downtown Saturday evening. Allen is one of the good guys, and is working hard to grow his business, serve his community, and make downtown a place where we all can celebrate happy occasions.

Post your own best wishes to Allen in the comments section below and we'll forward them to him.

What Hubris!

So, Their Man Mitch decides that a high-technology innovation and development fund is giving TOO MUCH money to our institutions of higher learning.

SO, let's divert this taxpayer money to private firms, further strangling innovation from our most productive researchers.

How long will this go on? IU Southeast docs? Anyone?