Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Nobody's Said it Better

While it can't be called trivial, it's hardly earthshaking that Develop New Albany and the Garner administration have put into place some very attractive banners delineating the core of the downtown shopping district. According to the Courier-Journal, one side says "Downtown" and the other says "New Albany" on these maroon-and-cream vertical banners.

Pearl and Market streets are the direct beneficiaries, but the whole county will benefit from a renewed downtown.

Having seen it all firsthand all his life, downtown pillar Bob Caesar keeps his enthusiasm in check more than some other boosters, but in describing the emerging energy downtown, he puts it this way:

"We haven't thrown a 90-yard touchdown pass," Caesar said of the banner effort, likening it to steady success rather than a sudden breakthrough. "But we're making first downs all the time."

Nobody could say it better.

Read the coverage here.


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