Saturday, March 18, 2006

Seeking a Second Source

I, for one, am not prepared to accept the proposition put forward in today's Tribune that New Albany's downtown will "never again be the commercial center of Floyd County."

However, revitalization awaits and the renaissance sputters in fits and starts. It is time for local government to put down its marker. With elections looming in the county this year, and the city next, voters should know where each relevant official and candidate stands on the issue of restoring downtown.

One sign of sputter comes with the report that Main Street Grind's operations are grinding to a halt. The weekday beanery has long been a staple for downtown workers, but the years have taken their toll on the owners. I'd like to have confirmation of the report that MSG will close effective April 1. With the move of Pam's quilt shop on Pearl to a Charlestown Road location, and the failure of Bistro New Albany to open, the news is not good.

Is there any question that a full commitment to downtown is needed now?

Friday, March 17, 2006

The Woman I Want to Work for Me

Please, Lord, if you can arrange it, put me into the path of Holly Ralston Oyler so she can perform her wonders for me.

Defining Ourselves

PUPA - The nonfeeding stage between the larva and adult in the metamorphosis of holometabolous insects, during which the larva typically undergoes complete transformation within a protective cocoon or hardened case.

It seems that Volunteer Hoosier is in transition from pupa to lepidopterum.

VH was never intended to be a daily newspaper. But sometimes we served that purpose.

This Web log can't take the place of a community bulletin board, but we were often a preferred choice for getting announcements out.

Likewise, VH is not a personal diary, a business marketing tool, a literary magazine, a humor site, nor a free-for-all chat room. Yet, these pages have, at times, simulated each of those.

Whatever we have done on these pages, we must have done something right.

But as time passes, it becomes clearer that the demands of our still-young business argue against trying to be all things to all people.

The lack of posts over the last few weeks has an explanation. VH has been in talks with a leading, emerging branded media organization which I am still unable to publicly identify. Part of the process dictated that VH suspend its commentary until noon on Friday, March 17, 2006. That proscription has now expired and been replaced with a different arrangement.

I have before me a letter of intent that outlines the terms and conditions of Volunteer Hoosier's merger with an online site that offers up political commentary, humor & satire, travel & leisure, literature, poetry, art, and a plethora of subjects. We are flattered to have been asked to shut down VH and become an editor with this admirable organization.

Although the product will no longer be exclusively our own, we are convinced that we can bring an added element to our new online partner's site.

One appealing aspect of this merger of interests is the opportunity to indulge in my own desire to dabble in short fiction. Under this new arrangement, you could be surprised at any time to find me writing speculative fiction.

A closing date has been set for April 1. As I am able, I will share with you additional details. Thanks for reading over these past 18 months.