Thursday, December 29, 2005


One of the most engaging magazines around is Adbusters. With quite a bit of seriousness, it pokes fun at the ways in which advertisers try to manipulate us, their customers. Of course, it doesn't accept ads. It is the anti-consumerism magazine.

In many ways, VH tries to do the same thing. Call us Rumorbusters. With quite a bit of seriousness, we poke fun at the ways in which politicians try to manipulate us, their voters. Of course, we don't accept rumors. We're the anti-prevarication blog.

For those of you who rely on us for the news (since the C-J stenographer has demonstrated his obeisance to the GFNA, despite being paid by Gannett), we're happy to report that the rumor of wholesale layoffs in the drainage department has exactly the same credibility you've come to expect from the original source of that rumor - zero.

Those jobs are funded. The stormwater quality management fee will show up on your next Indiana American Water bill. You might remember the little fracas resulting from the Sewer Board's abdicating any responsibility for stormwater quality management. Residences, like mine, will pay $2 a month. Commercial establishments, like mine, will pay $18 a month. Let me once again state my fervent desire that the advisory committee send a recommendation forthwith to make the assessment of this charge more equitable. In the meantime, small businesses all over New Albany will be subsidizing a) the residences, b) apartment complexes, and c) big box retailers.

You're welcome. Think about that the next time you shop, by the way. The small businesses are unfairly bearing the brunt of this charge.

In any event, with a funding source secured, it was always obvious that the drainage and flood control workers would not be losing their jobs. No layoffs. No furloughs. No interruptions in service.

Doesn't it seem just as likely that will be the case when we wake up Tuesday morning on a routine holiday schedule for sanitation pickup? I'll double-down on Roger Baylor's wager that a contract will be signed in plenty of time for service to begin as scheduled.

Doesn't it seem a little peevish, though, for AFSCME to push its workers to take jobs where they will now have to pay non-resident municipal taxes in Kentucky as well as EDIT and CAGIT taxes in Indiana? Is it truly for their benefit, or merely to retain their dues and membership, albeit in a different local?


Blogger Tim Deatrick said...

as a member of the stormwater advisory committee, I am more than happy to provide any interested parties with factual information that I am privy to at any time.

too bad $$$$$ and others at solna, laura included, have to continue to spread false information to fuel their war on the administration. How frustrating it must have been for the drainage employees to hear about this vicious lie from that fringe element in New Albany that has nothing better to do than make a mockery out of the potential usefulness of a blog.

Since they have thier potty police perhaps there should also be a rumor police, sign me up.

Volunteers anyone?

Thursday, December 29, 2005 9:24:00 PM  

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